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Hey, everybody! If anybody still watches this profile, sorry I've been done so long. I got me new profile, so if anybody's interested, this is where I am now :)
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Happiness
  • Reading: Awesomeness
  • Watching: Wonderfulness
  • Playing: Somethin'
  • Eating: Love
  • Drinking: Cookies

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O hai. This is totally a late birthday sqee.


There is your totally a late birthday sqee.

Have a nice day.
Hello, I could not help but notice you are a Psychonauts fan. Forgive the shameful advertising but may I interest you in our Psychonauts themed club? Look it over, and if you aren't interested, could you refer us to some of your Pyschonauts fanatic friends?

-Thank you
While this sounds fun,I don't think I even have MSN, so that could put a damper on things, eh? But if you looking for crazy Psychonauts fans, have you ever tried going on the Double Fine Forums? There's a section just for Psychonauts talk, and a lot of members seem to have dA accounts. I bet you could find quite a few of people there.
Hey, you know, I've been thinking, and maybe Sasha/Raz isn't that horrible after all... 'Cause it's kind of, you know, fictional. Because, you know, people get killed off in fics all the time, and murder is more illegal than pedophilia, but you don't protest when people get murdered, no? So you really shouldn't rant about Sasha/Raz in your journal, because it's not actually gross.

Whoa. I was really freaked out for a second. Especially because I haven't checked DA in while, and I haven't had seen you enough to have conformation that you hadn't been replaced by aliens.

Also, I'm at my mom's boyfriend's apartment('cause she wanted to make pork chops, and her place has no stove or oven, and his does, even though his place is reeeeally tiny and we barely fit in it) and his keyboard has like half of the letters worn off the keys, so I keep typing stuff wrong.

P.s. That may have been the longest thing I've ever written in parentheses.
Nah, I'm no alien. And I signed an oath in blood to always loathe S/R with the terrifying anti-ship power of fifteen galaxies full of planetoids covered in small, cute and friendly extraterrestrials exploding in a grand cosmic arch of fiery hate and pure disgust and turning into a black hole lined with acid, poisonous thorns and yaoi-fangirl-eating nightmares from the deepest murky sewers of my mind, remember? It was actually hard to write that. Especially that last sentence, "because it's not actually gross." >__< Write it like pulling off a band-aid!
Wow. That sentance was an entire, fully-formed tangent all by itself.
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Lol which skill? xD
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